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'The Big Lap' Film Series Is Now Available On DVD

Well, after a long time in the edit suite, 'The Big Lap' is now finally finished. I can't tell you how happy it makes me to type these words. I thought the 7 years of planning and the build up to the trip itself was the tough part but the truth is that editing the 200 hours of video we shot over 2 years into a 10 episode documentary series has been the real challenge.

The reality is that I could have banged it together and knocked something out sooner but I'm too much of a perfectionist for that. This film for me is not about selling a few DVDs and making a few bucks ...

It's something much bigger than that.

Personally it is the single biggest creative project I've ever completed so it's important to me that it's something I'm proud of.

But most importantly I want it to have a real impact on people. My greatest wish is that I get messages from people that have watched it saying that we've inspired them to get out and plan their own travel adventure, whether that is around Australia or somewhere else.

Next year we'll be working hard to enlist the support of as many retail outlets around Australia as we can so that we can reach and inspire as many people as possible.

Meanwhile a small run of the 'First Edition' DVD's are currently being manufactured and will be back to us in time for us to despatch to you in time for Christmas.

Order your Big Lap DVD Series now from our online store

Individually Numbered Special 'First Edition'

To make this 'First Edition' just a little more special each DVD will have a special wrap around sleeve and each one will be individually numbered. This is the only time we will do this and the numbers will correspond to when your order is placed so the sooner you order the lower your number will be.

They will make a great Christmas present for someone you know who loves travel and Australia!

Order yours now

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Steve Baile
Steve Baile
Iā€™m the founder of Expedition Australia, a writer, filmmaker & adventure travel junkie. Passionate about my family, health and fitness, hiking, 4WD touring, adventure motorbikes, camping and exploring as much of the planet as I can.


  1. What a fantastic trip and great DVD. With your first loop before you started, you mentioned you would leave behind what you did not use for the big trip. Do you have a list of what you packed and any other recommendations as to what you need and may possibly need. I understand different vehicles and how many passengers will determine some things.


    Glenn Burley

    • Hi Glenn,
      This is the subject of a blog post I'm working on so I'll save it for then. Stay tuned šŸ™‚

  2. Would love to purchase dvd as we are looking at retiring in about 18 months to 2 years and spending as long as it takes us to travel and see this great country.

  3. Thanks for that. Keep up the good work. P,S. How is girl number 3 and is she ready for the next trip.

  4. Gday Steve. Just finished watching your Big Lap. Great stuff indeed. We thoroughly enjoyed it. I'm always keen to get out and explore and seeing the footage of out West and up North has me wanting to check it out even more now. Well done and congratulations on achieving such a huge goal šŸ™‚


  5. My wife bought me your DVD for my birthday and I spent Easter Friday horizontal and watched it in one hit,fantastic stuff,congratulations to you and your family,hope to see you and the 80 on the road sometime.

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