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NEW ‘Starlink Mini’ 100mbps Internet Hotspot In Your Backpack

Great news for off-grid travellers. New Starlink Mini will cost half as much as the standard system, will fit in your backpack and give you 100% Australian Coverage.

Elon Musk confirmed today that Starlink will be releasing a new smaller Starlink dish called the ‘Starlink Mini’.

The new system will offer up to 100mbps download speed with 23ms latency from Starlink’s network of low earth orbit satellites and according to Musk it will be “Easily carried in a backpack”.

Unlike previous versions of the Starlink system which include a larger antennae affectionately known as ‘Dishy’, and a separate router connected to the Dishy by a cable, the Starlink Mini is self contained with all components included in the small dish.

The system weighs just 1.5kg including the kickstand and 15m power cable.

The Starlink Mini has built in WiFi 5 so you’ll be able to have all of your devices connect to it wirelessly.

Musk also announced that the price of the Starlink Mini and the monthly plan will be around half that of the current larger system.

This should bring it in around $300 up front and $70 per month subscription.

With 100% coverage across Australia, Starlink has already been a game changer for those of us travelling in the more than 90% of Australia not reached by normal mobile phone services.

The new Starlink Mini will make it that much better – smaller, cheaper and simpler.

For anyone planning a trip around Australia and wanting the freedom to live off grid without being out of touch, the Starlink Mini will likely be on your shopping list.

No word yet on when it will be available in Australia but Elon Musk has stated that it will be rolling out in select areas in the next few months, presumably in the USA.

These are the spec sheets shared online:

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