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Optus and SpaceX to provide 100% Australian coverage

The days of satellite phones being required for remote area voice communications would seem to be coming to an end. For most of the last...

What is the best VPN for travel around Australia?

What is a VPN and why do you need one for your road trip around Australia?

Starlink customers can now take their Satellite Internet on the road

Starlink customers can now take their satellite internet with them on the road with the new 'Portability' feature.

Is the new SPOT GEN4 Satellite GPS Messenger the ideal satellite communicator for Big Lappers?

Is the SPOT GEN4 Satellite GPS Messenger the ideal remote communications device for driving around Australia?
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Essential Outback Communications in Australia

Our simple guide to Australian Outback Communications - satellite phones & communicators, mobile phones, internet access, UHF & HF radio, EPIRB's & PLB's.

Telstra or Optus? Which network is best for driving around Australia?

Which mobile phone network has the best coverage, Telstra or Optus?

Mobile phone reception reaches William Creek

Mobile phone coverage has reached William Creek

ACMA reverses it's ban on 40 channel UHF radios

Did you realise that your 40 channel UHF radios were going to be banned this June?
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