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Is the new SPOT GEN4 Satellite GPS Messenger the ideal satellite communicator for Big Lappers?

Is the SPOT GEN4 Satellite GPS Messenger the ideal remote communications device for driving around Australia?

Do I need to upgrade my suspension for the Gibb River Road?

In this video I answer a question from Ian McIntosh who wants to know if he needs to upgrade his 2004 Prado's suspension for...

Essential Outback Communications in Australia

Our simple guide to Australian Outback Communications - satellite phones & communicators, mobile phones, internet access, UHF & HF radio, EPIRB's & PLB's.

NEW Oztent RV-3 Lite Tent

New lighter weight Oztent RV-3 Lite saves weight and money

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Telstra or Optus? Which network is best for driving around Australia?

Which mobile phone network has the best coverage, Telstra or Optus?

How to make a built in jumper cable

Watch this video to see how I built in a jumper cable for easy jump starts

ARB's new hydraulic hi-lift 'Jack' takes vehicle lifting to a whole new level

It's not cheap, but first impressions of ARB's new hydraulic 'Jack' are . . . impressive!

How to install USB Chargers in the rear doors

In this video I install USB charging sockets in the back doors to keep the girls gadgets charged.
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The butane stove ban that almost crashed our website - 200,000 visitors in 24 hours

On this morning three years ago, March 5th 2015, I woke up and discovered the blog I posted the night before had gone viral... It...

2.3 million vehicles in Australia recalled due to faulty airbags - here's the airbag recall list

4WD's & SUV's included on list of recalled vehicles due to deadly airbag fault

It's Snowing in Brisbane

Snowys opens a brand new shop in Brendale, QLD

Ron & Viv Moon guide books discontinued

After nearly 3 decades in print, these great guidebooks are retiring
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