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The Amazing Whispering Wall, Barossa Reservoir, South Australia

The 'Whispering Wall' is actually a concrete dam that was constructed by more than 400 workers who lived in camp tents and rough huts...

Get lost in Mintaro Maze, South Australia

From the air it doesn't look that difficult but from ground level when confronted with a continuous wall of green it's another story. The maze...

Great Wall of China, Flinders Ranges, South Australia

Just outside Flinders Ranges National Park you'll find this spectacular geological feature known as the Great wall of China

New 'Panorama' photo feature for iPhone camera

Capture 240 degree scenes in a single 28 megapixel image. Is this the iPhone the ultimate travel pocket camera?

How much does it cost to drive around Australia?

Download our FREE Big Lap Budget Spreadsheet to help you calculate the cost of your trip around Australia

Another 10 Hot Spots on the Great Ocean Road

Following our first Top 13 List of things to see and do on The Great Ocean Road, here's another 10 to keep you going

Airstream Caravans Coming To Australia

Airstream CEO, Bob Wheeler announces they are in talks to bring Airstream Down Under

The Top 13 Things To See On The Great Ocean Road

If you are planning to drive down the Great Ocean Road during your vacation, then get ready with this list of the things you should see along the way and surrounding areas.

Which way to drive around Australia on your Big Lap?

What is the best direction to drive around Australia? Clockwise or Anticlockwise? Let's look at the factors in making the right decision . . .

Camper Trailer Brakes - What are the options?

While you probably can't buy a caravan without brakes, the same is not true for Camper Trailers. In many cases they are an optional extra. So do you really need them and what options are available?