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5 ways to minimise your impact camping in the bush

5 ways to minimise your impact camping in the bush

Where to find road condition reports - state by state

Use these websites to find out which roads are closed before your next road trip

5 Tips for homeschooling on the road

3 months into her big lap around Australia, Chelsea Lee Smith shares with us 5 tips on homeschooling she's discovered so far.

Big rains drench outback South Australia

Heavy rain fell across Outback SA in March but will we see Lake Eyre fill up again?
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What impact will falling fuel prices have on your Big Lap Budget?

Falling fuel prices are great news for us road trippers, but exactly how much difference will they make to your fuel bill on a trip around Australia?

Set your kids a road trip photo challenge

"I spy" has evolved - Set your kids a photographic challenge on your next road trip.

5 Tips to Keep Your Tent Snake Free

5 tips that I have researched and discovered after my close encounter with a snake during my camping trip in NSW.

6 tips for travelling with dogs

We're planning a 3 week road trip to Lake Argyle with our new puppy 'Buddy' so I've been researching tips for travelling with dogs.
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The 80% Packing Rule

Don't worry, everyone packs too much for their trip around Australia - the secret . . the 80% packing rule!

NRMA Insurance's tips for holiday road trips

Most people's concerns about doing the 'Big Lap' around Australia are usually related to getting stranded in remote areas, snakes or running out of money! In fact road accidents are a much bigger danger.

How much does it cost to drive around Australia?

Download our FREE Big Lap Budget Spreadsheet to help you calculate the cost of your trip around Australia

How To Travel Around Australia With Kids

Travelling around Australia with your kids will be the experience of a lifetime for you and them.
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