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What tyre pressures do I run on 4WD road trips?

Sealed, unsealed, sand, rocks . . . here's a run down of what pressures I run on each road and track type.

What to do if your windscreen has been cracked or smashed

It's almost inevitable that if you travel enough kilometres on unsealed roads that at some point you'll experience either a cracked or smashed windscreen.

Jeep gets a bad rap

When your customers are making rap songs about your product for all the wrong reasons, it's time to take notice!

How to keep the dust out of your 4WD

This simple trick will keep the dust out even if your door seals are old and leaky
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Budget DIY Rear Window Protection for your 4WD

This simple and quick project could save your rear window

Things get crazy when Bronco blows a tyre at 100kmph

When I think of Ford Broncos on freeways I immediately think of OJ Simpson in his white Bronco being chased around the LA freeways...

How to fix a flat tyre with a tyre plug

Using a tyre plug you can fix some punctures without even taking the wheel off the car