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RECALL - Twin Portable Butane Stoves

Twin burner butane gas stoves have been recalled due to defective o-rings that could cause a fire

Where to find cheap gas bottle refills

New website helps you find nearby gas bottle fillers

Are these the perfect food storage containers for road trippers?

The bonus with these storage containers is that they come full of fruit!

New safety warnings for butane gas cookers

Renewed warnings to throw away your old butane stoves after four people burned in two explosions in North Queensland.
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First Impressions - New Gasmate Butane Stoves

How do the new Gasmate butane stoves compare to the previously banned version?

They're Back - New Portable Butane Gas Stoves Back On The Shelves

After being banned from sale in March, new and fully compliant butane gas cookers are now available once again.

All boxed up - Your camp kitchen in a box

What’s essential to bring and what’s worth leaving behind on your next camping trip?

3 alternatives to a butane gas stove

With 'lunchbox' style butane cookers on the way out, what are the alternatives?
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BANNED - Portable Butane Gas Stoves

Portable butane gas cookers BANNED due to concerns they could explode