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STEP-BY-STEP: How to use our Big Lap Budget Spreadsheet

Estimate how much you will need to do your Big Lap Road Trip around Australia

5 reasons why EVERY young family should do a Big Lap around Australia

It’s time to ‘normalise’ the idea of young families taking a break and driving around Australia.

Can you do The Big Lap for $1.00 per kilometre?

Is it REALLY possible to do the Big Lap for $1.00 per kilometre?

The Big Lap Series now on HD Bluray

The Big Lap Series is now available in a limited edition 3 Disc Bluray set . . .
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'The Big Lap' Lawn Hill Break Down

What happens when your wheel bearing collapses on a remote station track in outback Queensland?

University of Wollongong Big Lappers Health Survey

Are you a travelling in or around Australia for 3 months or more? Can you help the University of Wollongong conduct a health survey? A group...

I want to travel around Australia but my partner doesn't!

What to do if your partner doesn't share your enthusiasm!

Do you need a 4WD to drive around Australia?

Once upon a time a 4WD was essential to drive around Australia . . . what about now?
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Do you need a long range fuel tank for your Big Lap around Australia?

How much fuel do you need to be able to carry on your Big Lap around Australia?

'The Big Lap' Film Series Is Now Available On DVD

Filmed over 2 years and now edited into a 10 episode series, 'The Big Lap' is the story of our family's 16 month, 46,600 4WD adventure to the extremes of Australia.

VIDEO: Anzac Day Dawn Service in Karijini National Park

While on our Big Lap around Australia we joined with the other campers at Karijini National Park in Western Australia to commemorate Anzac Day with a Dawn Service.

How much does it cost to drive around Australia?

Download our FREE Big Lap Budget Spreadsheet to help you calculate the cost of your trip around Australia
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