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The ultimate men’s grooming routine for looking your best

With more men’s grooming products on the market now than ever before, it’s becoming increasingly popular for men to have a daily grooming routine with as many steps as their female counterparts. From shaving balms and moisturisers to eye creams and serums, we’ve put together the ultimate men’s grooming routine to ensure you stay looking your best.

Start with skincare

It all starts with the face and every man should at the least have a 3-step skincare routine in place to keep their skin looking great. At the least, you’ll need:

  • a deep cleanser
  • a gentle exfoliator
  • a daily moisturiser

These are all you need for a simple and effective daily skincare routine, while you can add other things like toner and serum if you need a more specialist routine depending on your skin type.

For older men with deeper lines and wrinkles, intensive eye cream or serum can be really effective to prevent aging.

Using a moisturising product with SPF or UV protection is also recommended to make sure you’re constantly protected from the sun, helping to prevent aging spots and hyperpigmentation from appearing.

Focus on facial hair

Whether you have a fully-grown beard, stubble or you’re struggling to grow a little fuzz on your chin, keeping your facial hair groomed is an important part of any male grooming routine.

When it comes to shaving, always shave after a shower or a warm bath as it softens the hair and causes less damage to your skin.

By using an electric shaver, like Philips men's shaver, you’ll be able to get a really clean, close shave for a super soft finish, without all the hassle of having a wet shave.

Complete your shaving routine by applying a layer of after-shave balm to cool and soothe the skin.

If you have a fuller beard, investing in a beard trimmer too can be a helpful way to keep your beard looking neat and tidy.

Keep on top of hair care

Making regular hair appointments for a trim is one of the easiest ways to keep your hair looking good. But, day to day you’ll need to make sure you’re taking good care of your hair too and using the right products for your hair type.

Don’t be fooled into thinking all shampoos and conditioners are the same, different ones work better with your individual hair type, helping you to style it with ease. Look out for shampoos and conditioners designed to help with things like dandruff, fine hair and or dryness to find the perfect one for you.

Once you’ve washed and hair is dry, it pays to use the right styling products too. From wax and gel to sprays and pomade, there are so many different hair care products on the market. Speak to your barber to make sure you’re using the right one for your hair type. We’ve put together a quick guide below:

  • Wax – great for styling short hair with a matte finish
  • Gel – ideal for a slick finish on longer styles
  • Clay – helps to style and thicken up finer hair
  • Pomade – ideal for creating a number of looks, pomade is moveable and ideal for restyling
  • Sprays – hairspray is the ultimate way to secure a look and hold it firmly in place

Don’t forget about your hands and feet

One of the biggest turn-offs for women can be unsightly hands and feet on a man. Be sure to keep yours in tip-top condition by using hand cream for softness and trimming nails regularly to keep them short and clean. The same goes for toenails, which can often get forgotten about in the winter months. Keep yours short by regularly clipping and trimming, then file them down using a nail file.

Long gone are the days when women spent longer in the bathroom than men. But, with this compact list to follow you’ll now be able to squeeze all your grooming necessities into your morning routine before you leave for work. 

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