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How To Pack, Move & Store A Mattress Long Term

This is a guest post contributed by one of our readers.

If you're planning a 'Big Lap' road trip around Australia then inevitably you'll need to pack up your house before you hit the road.

When the time comes to pack up your worldly possessions and move them into storage you'll want to make sure they are transported and stored safely so they are in good condition and ready to use when you get back from your trip.

Tea chest style moving boxes are good for most of your household possessions, but obviously not suitable for your mattresses.

Mattresses can be difficult to pack and carry because they’re floppy and often very heavy.

So to help you to successfully pack, move and store your mattress long term and keep it in good condition we've put this guide together.

1. Find A Helping Hand

Mattresses are heavy and awkward.

So the first step is to make sure you have some help to move your mattresses.

A large king sized memory foam mattress can be very heavy and need at least four people to move it successfully.

The easiest way to move the mattress is with it on its side but this isn't necessarily the best way to store it during transport and in storage.

Some manufacturers recommend their mattresses are moved and stored flat to avoid the foam layers coming apart.

This will be especially true if you're planning on storing it for a year or two while you drive around Australia.

If you have any doubts or concerns about the best way to move and store your particular mattresses, be it popular products like memory foam mattresses Australia or another manufacturer, check the manufacturers website or call their customer service line.  

2. Have All Of Your Moving Supplies Ready

To protect your mattress during the relocation and storage, here is what you will need: 

  • A Mattress Bag: This is a purpose made bag that can completely enclose your mattress and has built in handles to make it easy to carry and will keep if free from dust, pests and moisture while it is in storage.
  • Ratchet Ties, Rope, Or Long Moving Straps: These will be used to fasten the mattress inside the moving van or truck. 
  • Hand Cart or Piano Trolley: This will let you easily load and transport the mattress where it needs to be. 
  • A Large Roll Of Packing Tape: This will be used for sealing the mattress bag. 
  • Cardboard: This will be used to stabilise the mattress.

3. Put The Mattress Inside The Appropriate Mattress Bag

Start by removing the mattress cover and all other bedding and linens. Your bedding will be packed separately. To keep your home's mattress safe from stains, dirt, and bugs, store it in a mattress bag or box. Using packing tape, tightly close the bag or box. 

Don't forget to mark the bag or box with the room destination if you're transporting more than one mattress.

4. Transport The Mattress 

Once you have the mattress securely in the bag, turn it on its side and use the handles to move it.

For heavy mattresses, a person at each end and one either side should be enough to get the job done.

A trolley like the ones used to move pianos can be very helpful as it can sit under the mattress and take the weight so all you and your friends need to do is push and steer.

If the mattress seems too flimsy to be wheeled, secure flattened cardboard on each side to avoid movement.

Make sure you don’t drag the bare mattress on the ground. If you don't have access to a trolley then laying some flat cardboard boxes on the floor and sliding the mattress across them should make moving it a little easier.

A strap or two under the mattress can also help if you don't have good carry handles on your mattress bag.

5. Load And  Move Your Mattress To Long Term Storage

Once you get the mattress to the truck, it's time to pack it in the cargo space ready for transporting to storage.

The type of mattress you have should be taken into account before you load it into your vehicle or van. 

If your mattress is coil-spring, you can load it on its side or place it flat on top of other objects (try not to place any items on top of it).

However, if you have a foam mattress, you should lay it flat on top of your other boxes and items with nothing else on top of it. Avoid bending or folding your foam mattress.

Secure the mattress using the ratchet tie-downs or ropes.

6. How To Keep Your Mattress Clean & Dry in Long Term Storage

If you plan to store your mattress long term then follow these tips to keep your mattress in great condition:

  1. Make sure it is sealed inside the mattress bag to keep out dust, bugs and moisture.
  2. Throw some silica gel moisture absorber desiccant packets in with the mattress to absorb any moisture already in the mattress or that seeps in through the seams of the mattress bag.
  3. Store the mattress on top of your other boxes and furniture so it is off the floor, laying flat and has no sharp edges or objects sticking into it.
  4. Make sure no other items are sitting in top of the mattress.


Moving & storing mattresses can be a challenge but by following these simple guidelines it should be relatively straight forward and you can expect your mattress to be in excellent condition when you get back from your trip.

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Guest Blogger
Guest Blogger
This is a guest post contributed by one of our readers

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