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How To Choose The Right RV Size For Your Trip

Are you a traveling enthusiast who loves being on the road? Does your car get uncomfortable as you meet your traveling needs? There’s a solution that can meet all your comfort needs as you travel to enjoy nature. This solution is a recreational vehicle, popularly known as an RV.

RVs come in different sizes and will meet different needs. This begs the question; how will you choose the right RV size for your upcoming trip? This article gives a guide to follow. Read on for more on this.

Here’s the guide:

Consider The Number Of People

Are you traveling solo for the trip, or will you be with a group of friends or family? The number on board for the trip will help decide the RV size. 

RVs are classified under three classes; A, B, and C. Class A RVs are the biggest and are 29 to 45ft long. They resemble tour buses and accommodate approximately six to eight people. The class B RV is 17 to 19ft long, made from a van’s chassis, and accommodates four people. It’s the smallest of the options. 

Last but not least is the class C RV, which uses a van’s or truck’s chassis, and is 20 to 31ft long. It can accommodate one to eight people at a go. Visit websites like motorhomesforsale.co.nz to see more available RV size options for your trip.

Based on the description, you can choose the appropriate RV according to the number of people going on the trip. It should accommodate all of you without invading personal space. 

Ask Around

In most cases, there are other travelers who’ve invested in RVs for their traveling needs. It’d be an added advantage to pick one or two insights from them.

Consider using the internet to learn about those who use RVs for their expeditions. You can also seek referrals from friends and families. These people can advise you accordingly on the best RV size to acquire. The insight will be from experience, making it reliable. 

It’s best to utilize this opportunity by asking as many questions as possible. Find out the advantages and disadvantages of each option and weigh your options in comparison to your needs. As you use this insight, it’s important to acknowledge that you might have different needs from the traveler you’re seeking insight from. Therefore, adopt the insight considering your needs.

Factor In Its Use

In this case, use is tied to the RV’s purpose. Although the aim is for a trip, you ought to consider the future use of the RV, especially if you prefer buying the RV instead of hiring one. 

Are you going to use the RV to live in, for the weekends, or vacations? The aim is comfort. You want the RV to be as comfortable as your home if you’re to live in it. It should have a kitchen, washroom, TV area, storage space, AC, and refrigerator. If it’s for vacations, you can forego a lot of storage space, significantly reducing your need for a large space. A TV might also not be necessary if you aim to bond and connect with your family or friends during the vacation. 

Here, you want to ensure your chosen RV is large enough to accommodate your needs for the period you plan on staying in it.

Look At Your Budget

It’s said that money is a sensitive subject to discuss, but either way, you must consider it when choosing an appropriate RV size for your trip. When considering your budget, you must consider short- and long-term expenses. 

The short-term expenses encompass the price you’ll pay to acquire the RV. There are two options when getting the RV; buying or hiring. If you have a small budget, consider hiring, which is much cheaper than buying a new or used RV. If your budget allows it, proceed to buy the RV. 

With long-term expenses, consider the amount it’ll cost you to maintain the RV. Suppose you opt for an RV with various amenities like a kitchen and a washroom. How much will you spend maintaining them to usable conditions, including stocking up on the needed items? 

Ultimately, you want to ensure your budget can meet the RV’s short and long-term expenses. At no given time should the expenses exceed your budget. It’s the only way to avoid financial strain.


An RV serves a great purpose in fulfilling your traveling needs without much hassle. The discussion above has given tips on ensuring you find the right RV size for your needs. You should implement the guide for an easy and successful process. 

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