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Sports Tourism Junkie? Here’s Your Guide to Aussie’s Hottest Sports Events this Summer

Lying between the Indian and Pacific Oceans, Australia is one of the biggest and at the same time the smallest continent on Earth. The Land of Oz as Australia is called is home to over 25 million people as estimated in 2021 and over ninety percent of its population reside in coastal cities such as Canberra, Brisbane, Perth, Sydney, and Melbourne that are also cultural and economic centers of the country.

The Land Down Under is well-known for its breathtaking landscapes and natural wonders, and one of these is the Great Barrier Reef that includes almost three hundred reefs and nine hundred small islands. Located in Queensland, this is the biggest coral reef in the world, and it attracts millions of visitors every year. Ayers Rock or Uluru is another glorious Australian natural wonder. This massive sandstone rock located in the Northern Territory is one of the country’s most recognizable landmarks.

Those who visit Australia can also explore the stunning marine fauna of the Australian Shark Bay. Then, there are the breathtaking Pinnacles limestone formations situated in the Nambung National Park. Adventurers exploring the natural wonders of Australia also visit the Twelve Apostles site with limestone stacks located near the Port Campbell National Park. Other awe-inspiring Australian natural wonders include the Mackenzie River and its spectacular Mackenzie Falls, and the Kakadu National Park among many others.

Amazing Sports Events across Australia

Australia is also home to some of the Australian sports events such as The Melbourne F1 Grand Prix, Tour Down Under, NRL Grand Final, Tennis Australian Open, Bledisloe Cup, Horse Racing Melbourne Cup, and the most exciting rugby matches between Queensland and New South Wales.

Needless to say, all of these and more sports events are covered by all major betting sites Australia including a leading Australian bookmaker Southern Cross Bet Australia owned by Mark Johnston Bookmaking PTY LTD and licensed by the New South Wales NSW Office of Liquor, Gaming, and Racing. Those looking for it can get more info on Southern Cross Bet's odds in this review. Further, we take a look at the most anticipated Aussie sports events scheduled for this summer including:

  1. The Bledisloe Cup
  2. The State of Origin
  3. Northern Territory PGA Championship
  4. Australian Swimming Trails
  5. NRL, AFL, and Rugby Union
  6. The National Basketball League and the A-League
  7. The National Netball League

The Bledisloe Cup

Established a long time ago in 1931, the Bledisloe Cup is one of the most anticipated sports events in Australia. This rugby union competition between the New Zealand and Australia national teams usually has three matches per year even though its format varies. So far, New Zealand won the shiny trophy forty-eight times while Aussies have twelve victories.

This year’s event is scheduled for the 21st of August with all interested fans offered public tickets from the 9th of June. The first test scheduled for the 7th of August will be happening at Eden Park while the second and third tests are scheduled for the 21st and 28th of August at the Optus Stadium and the Sky Stadium. Now that the world is finally reopening for travel, visiting the Bledisole Cup will be possible for the fans once more.

The Bledisloe Cup 2020 saw the All Blacks performing amazing and winning their eighteenth consecutive match. The first match saw the Wallabies and the All Blacks finishing in a draw while the All Blacks won the second, and third matches to be defeated by the Wallabies 24-22 in the fourth match.

The State of Origin

In addition to the Bledisloe Cup, the State of Origin is another major Aussie sport event that kicks off on the 9th of June in Townsville. The State of Origin series is held every year between the biggest Australian rugby teams, the Queensland Maroons and the New South Wales. Needless to say, this highly anticipated sports event is one of the rugby league’s pinnacles, and every year, it attracts thousands of rugby fans as well as a massive television audience.

The State of Origin series was instituted in 1982 and the first event was the Queensland Maroons claiming the victory. In 1983, and 1984, the Queensland Maroons won again while the New South Wales team won in 1985 and 1986. Three consecutive wins scored the Queensland Maroons team in 1987, 1988, and 1989 while its winning streak was broken in 1990. With twenty-two titles, the Maroons lead the State of Origin series.

This year, the Maroons host the event which will be held at the Queensland Bank Stadium. The first game is scheduled for the 9th of June while the second and third games will be held on the 27th of June at the Suncorp Stadium and the 14th of at the Stadium Australia. The Blues will try to make up for their series of losses while the Maroons will try to keep up with their excellent 2020 performance.

The Northern Territory PGA Championship

Established in 2016, the Northern Territory PGA Championship has become one of the most attractive Aussie golf tournaments. It is a second-tier event of the PGA Tour of Australasia and the introductory event took place at the iconic Palmerston Golf Course. The winner of the event was great Jordan Zunic who by two stokes defeated Max McCardle. Travis Smyth defeated Deyen Lawson by six strokes in 2017, while in 2018, the winner was Daniel Nisbet who defeated Daniel Gale and Damien Jordan by two strokes.

The event held in 2019 saw Brett Rankin defeating Taylor Macdonald by three strokes while Aaron Pike won in 2020 after beating Michael Sim. The sixth edition of the Northern Territory PGA Champion is held at the same place from the 19th to the 22nd of August. It will host a field of one hundred and twenty players that will battle over twenty-two holes for $150,000 and of course, the crocodile trophy.

Australian Swimming Trials

The Australia Swimming Trials is yet another pinnacle event for all Aussie sports fans. In 2021, the event is held at the SA Aquatic and Leisure Centre starting on the 12th of June and finishing on the 17th of June. This is the third consecutive Paralympic and Olympic qualification event hosted in Adelaide and like every year, it attracts the best Australian swimmers who will compete for their sport at the Australian national team for the Tokyo Olympic Games.

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