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Keeping your property safe

Over the past 20 years of caravanning I have seen many new and exciting add-ons for caravans and campers. Generators, portable fridge/freezers, solar panels and the list goes on.

Most of these items are expensive and as free camping becomes more popular almost a necessity to stay longer in amazing spots.

I am sure all of us have a story about themselves or someone they have met on their journey that has had their property stolen by these sticky fingered crooks that make their way through our camp backyards and feel they have the right to take our precious property that we have worked hard for.

The outlay to replace these items is hard when on the road with limited money and for those that have made a police report know that with out some form of unique identification it is hard to get your property back.
My tip is a simple and non expesive way to identify your property as your own.

Buy or borrow an engraver (about $30 at Bunnings) and engrave your drivers licence number, or similar, on your property, this number is distinctly yours and can be easily identified as yours or if found by police can be directly linked to you.

If this becomes a trend with travellers it may also have the effect of stopping these night time shoppers from targeting travellers as moving the property would be harder for them.
Hope this helps and stay safe.

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Guest Blogger
Guest Blogger
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  1. Could not agree more about doing things in the here and now. Planned a big trip last year. New 4x4, new van, almost ready to take off . My wife takes ill then passes away. Life stopped for a while for me.
    I am now ready to take off in a couple of weeks on my own for the big trip, taking the memories with me.
    Moral to the story. Got a plan , then don't wait just do it. Tomorrow could be too late.

  2. Hi Ron, Sorry to hear about your wife.
    I agree with you and Rob about doing the big lap when you can.
    That's why I'm putting work on hold for a year and taking the plunge.
    Thanks for the posts.

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