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How to set up camp and remain friends with your partner!

This might seem pretty straight forward, but learning how to set up and pack up camp can save you hours of time and lots of arguments!

When we first started camping we would do everything together as ‘many hands make light work’ right?

Well …… that’s not always the case!

See, we would get the tent out, unpack it and set it up, hubby would get annoyed that I couldn’t hammer the pegs in as quick as him, I’d get frustrated and upset that he was yelling at me!

He wanted to do things one at a time, so we’d end up not talking while I watched him do everything with the tent and then we’d move on to our next step in setting up.

And believe me, we see so many people go through this same situation. We’ve seen people taking hours to set up camp, whether that be a single tent or a camper trailer.

We learned that both of us have strengths and weaknesses in our ability to do certain things.

For example, in our case, hubby is a lot taller and stronger so he takes things on and off the roof of the car.

I on the other hand are great with putting things together, rolling inflatable mattresses, and sleeping bags etc, something that hubby struggles a little with.

Our routine now goes like this:

  • Pull up at camp
  • Take the tent and everything off the roof and set up the tent (we have a 2 min tent so that part’s easy!)
  • Hubby starts pegging the tent in while I proceed to get the other bits and pieces out of the car
  • By then it’s time to help put the fly over the tent and hubby continues pegging and putting out ropes while I set up the kitchen, chairs, and stretcher beds
  • By the time he finishes with the tent, the beds are set up and ready for him to put inside the tent

This whole process takes us about 20 min and we are sitting at camp drinking a beer!

Just have a think about it next time you need to set up camp, anything that makes setting up and packing away just that little bit easier, makes your whole holiday that much better.

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