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Jamie’s Veggie Bolognese

A quick, simple and delicious dish perfect for road trips

Palaveritos | Road Trip Recipe

Simple, delicious, fast . . and also vegetarian if that's your thing

Famous Daly Waters Historic Pub for sale

If you’ve ever dreamed of taking a break from the road tripping lifestyle and buying yourselves a pub then here is your opportunity to...

Jen’s Wolfe Creek Beef Casserole

While 'Wolfe Creek' means 'Horror movies' to most people, to us it's where we perfected our one pot beef casserole.
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Secret Lake Argyle Pancakes Recipe

We made nearly 2000 pancakes at Lake Argyle for our fellow road trippers using this secret recipe.

3 Ingredient Apricot Chicken

Camp cooking doesn't get any easier than this - 3 ingredients is all you need

How to make damper without a camp oven

Steve, Savanna & Sara demonstrate how to make damper with just a camp fire and hot plate.

For your next big catch – Portuguese fish soup

Portuguese fish soup is the perfect tasty, speedy recipe to feed a large hungry camping crew.
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