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Much loved outback journalist dies in Birdsville Track rollover

Journalist, photographer and author, Kelly Theobald, dies in single vehicle rollover on the Birdsville Track

Journalist, photographer and children's book author, Kelly Theobald, died on Friday October 2nd 2015 when the vehicle she was travelling in rolled over on the Birdsville Track near Pandie Pandie Station.

Her partner, Wade Gilby, was airlifted to the Royal Adelaide Hospital in a serious condition.

Kelly moved to Birdsville from Melbourne in 2011 with the intention of only staying for a few months but fell in love with the town and soon became an integral part of the tight knit community.

While there she worked at the Birdsville Hotel and visitor information centre while working as a freelance journalist and photographer.

She also wrote a children's book, Onlso, about her blue Volkswagon Beetle crossing the Simpson Desert.

Visitors (including us) to Birdsville in recent years may have seen her blue Beetle parked around the town.

Understandably the local community is in shock and struggling to come to terms with the tragedy.

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  1. that's all well and good to run the air thru the vehicle and it does what you say ... but when its bloody hot outside you make you air con work overtime (retired techo) which isn't good.. so horses for courses ...if you have a positive air in the car the dust isn't really problem... just like a van in the dust environment ... which I do quire often and get stuff all dust in the Van...I do enjoy your posts so please keep them coming... always learn something new even after Vanning and 4WDriving for over 40 years cheers Neal

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