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How many $2 coins can you save in a Coke bottle?

Meagan Hardie shares her family's clever road trip money saving tip

Here’s a clever tip to help you save some extra dollars for your next road trip adventure.

Using a 600ml soft drink bottle, my family and myself collect all stray $2 coins.

Apparently when full it can hold up to $1000 although we’ve never filled it completely.

We use the $2 coins for coffee stops or breakfast on the road trip so it doesn’t eat into our travelling fund. We also allow the kids to purchase fun souvenirs from this pool of $2 coins.

Generally we still have quite a few $2 coins left over after the road trip and always replace them back into the bottle.

If we ever reach the $1000 in $2 coins we would use that on petrol, camping fees, beach passes etc, but for the time being it’s nice to have little treats along the way that don’t eat away at our travelling fund.

In places that are more remote and don’t have easy access to banks eg. Fraser Island, the shop assistants are really happy to receive an abundance of $2 coins as a lot of people pay with notes which leaves them short changed.

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Guest Blogger
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  1. A great idea. They go through the bottle necks easily. I also use an empty aluminium can for $1 coins. Can’t get them out unless you destroy can so takes away the temptation of pinching a few instead of saving up.

  2. I just a few days ago emptied a 600Ml plastic Coke bottle filled to the brim with $2 Australian Coins. I had read somewhere a few months ago that a filled 600Ml bottle would add up to $1000.00. Well I can tell you all now…. not possible…. I had jammed the bottle and am sure that I wouldn’t be able to get even one more coin in. The total? $908.00 worth of $2 coins!!! (and one 5 cent piece that was trying to be a $2 coin impersonator). Now I have to hall them all to a bank for deposit. I’m starting another one today.

  3. My family used to keep sixpences in a Dimple Haig bottle. I never knew how many it took to fill it. Now we are filling a 1l Dimple bottle with $2.00 (there’s inflation for you!) It will be interesting to see the total.

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