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Welcome to Expedition Australia

Hi Guys,

I’m Steve Baile, Founder and Chief Content Creator at Expedition Australia.

This website and 'Expedition Australia' was born in 2005 as we were in the final stages of preparing for our epic 16 month 'Big Lap' road trip around Australia.

My wife Jen and I had been planning our Big Lap since a road trip to Cape York 7 years earlier had whet our appetite for something bigger.

And now, with 2 young daughters on board, our dream was becoming a reality.

We wanted to share our adventure as we went so we built the very first iteration of this website and it was our ‘trip log’ where we posted photos and blogs for our few hundred followers as we travelled 46,600km around and across Australia over 16 months between 2005 and 2007.

We filmed our around Australia adventure and in 2013 released ‘The Big Lap’, a 10 episode documentary series of our trip.

The Big Lap was a huge hit with tens of thousands of people watching the series on DVD, Bluray and Digital Download over the years since its release.

Best of all it has inspired thousands to take the plunge and plan their own Big Lap adventures.

In 2023 we digitally remastered The Big Lap Series to 4K and released it on YouTube where it continues to inspire a new generation of Big Lappers to chase their travel dreams.

We've also produced a guidebook for Big Lappers called . . . you guessed it . . . The Big Lappers Guide Book that is packed full of information to help you plan your Big Lap adventure.

Today our passion for adventure travel keeps growing and Expedition Australia continues to evolve into Australia’s largest adventure travel website with a growing library of content all aimed at helping you plan your Australian adventure travel.

Whether it’s road trips, camping, hiking, boating, fishing, mountain biking, vanlife, camp cooking or any other aspect of adventure travel in Australia, we aim to cover it in detail with written and video content.

Watch The Big Lap Series