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5 Top Fishing Spots in Australia

If fishing is on your road trip itinerary then check out these spots compiled by fishing veteran Rod Smith

As the home to an abundance of fish and many beautiful and scenic fishing spots, Australia has become a popular fishing destination for locals and travellers alike.

Spoilt for choice, Australia has a diverse range of fishing destinations to cater for all types of fishermen – from those dropping a line from their tin boats, to those on deep sea charter boats decked out with the finest boating accessories.

Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, now’s the time to bust out your fishing rod and explore the 5 of Australia’s top fishing spots that are a must-see for all fisherman.

Shark Bay (Western Australia)

Shark Bay has made its way onto the World Heritage List, and with good reason. It’s breathtaking natural beauty, home to many rare and unique plants and animals, makes it the perfect backdrop to your next fishing adventure.

With over 320 types of fish found in the area – such as the Bluebone Groper, Spanish Mackerel, Cobia and Yellowtail Kingfish – Shark Bay offers a diverse range of sea life in its waters.

The Shark Bay Marine Park is a popular spot for fishing and allows you to bring in your own boat or hire one.

If you want a break from fishing, Shark Bay has many other attractions to offer.

From the ever popular Monkey Mia dolphins, to the largest population of dugongs, to the oldest living fossils in the world, it’s no wonder why Shark Bay is one of Western Australia’s most popular fishing spots.

South West Rocks (New South Wales)

Located roughly halfway between Sydney and Brisbane lies the South West Rocks.

This hidden gem is situated on the mouth of the Macleay River, and is untouched and undiscovered by many tourists. Therefore, unlike many other fishing spots, you won’t need to face any crowds on weekends or holidays. Fisherman in the area have taken a liking to fishing off the rocks, or on the beach. Common species of fish found in the area includes the Black Marlin, Spanish and Spotted Mackerel, Cobia, Dolphin Fish and Yellowfin Tuna.

In addition to fishing, there are still many things to see and do here such as watching the whale migrations or checking out the Smoky Cape Lighthouse – one of the tallest and oldest lighthouses left in NSW.

Port Lincoln (South Australia)

The seaside town of Port Lincoln is famous for its fresh seafood, due to the abundance of sea life in the area. It offers plenty of jetties to fish from, ideal for both beginner and advanced fishermen. This location is great for fishing not only during the day but also at night, which is becoming a popular time for the local fishermen to drop a line.

Boston Bay is a popular area in Port Lincoln and is where Tuna, Whiting, Trevally, Squid and Garfish are commonly found. This bay is almost four times the size of the Sydney Harbour!

Non-fishing activities in the area include seafood trail tours, swimming with Sea Lions or, for those who live on the edge, Shark Cage Diving.

Gippsland (Victoria)

Several hours drive east from Melbourne lies the Gippsland area. From wild beaches to estuaries to mountain streams, this region offers fishing spots that cater to all fishermen, and its mild climate makes it a great spot all year round.

Gippsland is known for its Ninety Mile Beach, which is one of the longest uninterrupted beaches in the world. It runs from Lakes Entrance, a popular tourist spot and home to a large fishing fleet, all along to McLoughlins beach. Its waters harbour fish such as Australian Salmon, Bream, Garfish, Snapper and Trevally.

Cairns (Queensland)

As a coastal city, Cairns is well known for its many fishing spots. Located in Northern Queensland, you will find that just an hour in any direction from Cairns there are lakes, estuaries, beaches or the ocean perfect for fishing.

It is even located parallel to the famous Great Barrier Reef, home to many exotic fish and other sea creatures. As a bonus, Cairns usually experiences warm weather for most of the year, making it a great place to visit any time.

Charter fishing is highly recommended, as there are many fishing charters which run in and out of Cairns that can take you out the prime fishing spots. Charters take you onto the Reef, where Coral Trout and Mackerel are commonly found, and to the local rivers where bounties of Barramundi reside.

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