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Redefining the Personal Water Filter with Titanium

The Walkabout Ti line is the only line of personal water filters (PWFs) that uses a new, patented Titanium ultrafiltration membrane to purify water, does away with the limitations of other personal water filters and is guaranteed for life.

Titanium is the most hypoallergenic material known, it has the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any metal, it won’t add any flavor to the water you drink, and it’s just plain cool.

Other personal water filters have three limitations in common:

  1. You don’t really know if they are working
  2. They only work in a limited temperature range
  3. They need to be replaced

All other personal water filters are either plastic or ceramic and can easily fail, by freezing, getting too hot, too much pressure, falling down or cleaning too many times. If they have a major failure it may be obvious, but a small crack or a failed fiber may not be obvious at all. The result of that is that the things that have been held back, like bacteria, e.coli, giardia, go through to the clean side of the filter, where they may not be visible. Yuck!

Being Titanium, the Walkabout Ti membrane won’t fail. The only point of failure is the O-ring seal, and if this leaks, it leaks out of the filter, not through it.


All other personal water filters have to be kept from freezing or getting too hot. Either one will cause the filter to fail and void the warranty. The Walkabout Ti can be frozen and thawed with boiling water, or sterilized in boiling water. This is a real advantage when camping in the backcountry. You don’t have to sleep with your filter in your sleeping bag, and you don’t have to carry bleach with you in case you need to sterilize your filter.

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Ceramic filters are cleaned by removing part of the ceramic; after a certain number of cleanings, the ceramic needs to be replaced. At a significant cost. Plastic filters are normally only rated for a certain number of gallons, and those that are “lifetime” rated are only warranted not to break. They are not guaranteed to filter. The Walkabout Ti filters are guaranteed to last a lifetime and to keep filtering and providing safe drinking water.

The Walkabout Ti filters are being introduced as a two-stage Ultralight filter, designed for a single person, and a three stage family-sized filter, which includes a carbon filtration stage to remove heavy metals, chlorine and odors.

Kickstarter Campaign Now Running

We Go Walkabout is currently running a Kickstarter campaign to help launch the new titanium filters and you can be among the first in the world to own one, and save some dollars on the future retail price, by supporting the campaign.

Click here to check out the Kickstarter campaign

You can also find out more about the company at www.wegowalkabout.com

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Steve Baile
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